Medeco System Series Padlocks

Text Box: The Medeco® System Series padlock offers a high security solution for a multitude of applications and are available in two distinctive body styles, an indoor/outdoor weather resistant design or with a shrouded shackle.  Both models utilize a boron alloy steel shackle which provides protection to resist cutting and increased tensile strength to resist pulling attacks. The boron alloy steel also ensures that the shackle has an exceptional degree of ductility and is not brittle.

With the High security cylinder option, System Series padlocks use hardened, stainless steel inserts to provide the ultimate defense against drilling, pulling and other forms of vandal attack. Patented key programs prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys and maintain system integrity. Padlocks can be keyed alike, keyed differently, or masterkeyed with existing door hardware systems.
The Medeco 4 (M4) design provides utility patent protection against unauthorized duplication of key. The Shuttle Pin movable element in the key provides protection against 3D printing. 
The System Series Padlocks can be ordered with Medeco 4 High Security and a variety of cylinder technologies including Intelligent Key electronic cylinders.  
Text Box: The shrouded shackle design provides extra shackle protection against cutting attacks.
Hardened stainless steel inserts inside the cylinder provide the ultimate defense against drilling and other forms of physical attack.
Unique elevating and rotating tumbler pin system is virtually pick proof.
Medeco cylinders are constructed of durable machined brass components, designed to last the life of your equipment.
Patented M4 keys may only be duplicated by Medeco® or an authorized Medeco® service outlet, and only at your request.
Uses a boron alloy steel shackle which protects against cutting and pulling attacks.
Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending on your specific needs.
Available in a variety of different shackle lengths.
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