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Medeco X4

Text Box: All facilities need patented key control to effectively secure exterior and interior openings.  This strength of integrity allows security managers to have peace of mind when it comes to managing the system.  Unfortunately, instituting a new key system is not always easy....or economical. 
Medeco X4 is the most economic and efficient solution.  Medeco X4 has one of the largest master key capabilities on the market.  This allows facility managers to tie everything together under one key for ease, convenience and efficiency.  Additionally, Medeco X4 easily retrofits into existing systems so installation time is minimal.
Medeco X4 is available in the following formats: Large Format Interchangeable Core (LFIC), Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC), Key in Knob (KIK), Key in Lever (KIL), Rim and Mortise, Padlocks, and Deadbolts.
Medeco X4 is the perfect security upgrade for small  format interchangeable core (SFIC) installations for Best-style, Prox and iClass systems. In addition to SFIC cylinders, Medeco X4 is also available in many other styles of retrofit cylinders and can be keyed into a single system.